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P.O. Box 483
Grayling, Michigan 49738

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The Beginning


  Kodiak Group began operations in 2002. Our headquarters is in Grayling, Michigan and we also maintain an office in Kendallville, Indiana. From our modest beginning with 9 people in a 3 room office, Kodiak Group has expanded to 18 full time people to handle our workload. To keep pace with our space requirements, in 2005, we moved our Grayling office to the building pictured to the left.

Company Profile

Kodiak Group has many years of design and project management experience, almost 200 years of combined knowledge, providing our customers with high levels of performance and confidence in the success of their projects. Our engineers have been involved in all phases of project implementation, from concept to start-up, from renovating existing equipment and facilities to new facilities and equipment. The design and construction of most projects require close coordination of schedules and people. Our systems integration engineers have the experience required to make your project a success.
Kodiak Group is active in industry trade groups such as the American Foundry Society with positions held on their Maintenance and Engineering Committees. Our engineers also regularly attend industry trade shows to stay current on the latest available technologies.
Over the years, the people of Kodiak Group have worked hard to earn the reputation of being customer focused and easy to work with. The proof that a company is customer focused is to talk to our past customers. We continually add to our list of new and repeat customers by providing high standards of service, and an innovative approach to engineering challenges.

  We utilize the latest technology in 3-D computer software in the development and implementation of our projects. Along with the typical design formats, we offer complete services in 3-D virtual visualization. This includes animations, walk-thru, fly-thru, and narrations of your proposed project from engineers that understand that the process and the equipment are the number one parameter. From the industries of Automotive, Mining, Wood Processing, Recycling, Cement, Chemical, and others, our experience in industrial process systems shows. Please review the examples on the following pages in this web site and you will see that, we do provide, "SOLUTIONS BY INNOVATION" and customer FOCUS to assure project SUCCESS.

Our People

Kodiak Group is creative, experienced people who are driven to succeed. Several of our Engineers maintain a Professional Engineering license in the Civil or Mechanical disciplines. Currently, Kodiak Group has registered P.E. status in 16 states.