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Kodiak IT Services

Kodiak IT Services originated with our own Industrial Engineering group’s drive to increase their competitive advantage. Their continual efforts to provide better products and services for their customers required IT Solutions that didn’t exist. Responses like “You can’t do that” and “Why don’t you just do it like everybody else” wouldn’t satisfy that need.

Now Kodiak Group is proud to offer you the same creative, can-do solutions from which our Engineering group has benefited. If your system isn’t working properly, if you need more from your system, or if you need something that “Can’t be done,” we’re here to help.



  • Business and Residential

  • Hardware and Software Solutions

  • On Site Work: From connecting existing computers to wiring your new network.

  • Computer hardware sales from major manufacturer Lenovo - click button below to view catalog.






  • You can benefit from our continuing experience.

  • Bentley Microstation

  • AutoCAD

  • Printing/Plotting




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12 years of experience