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Industries Served

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Kodiak Group has experience with all manner of aggregate processing equipment. Whether you need a simple belt conveyor, a complete screen tower, or a new ship loader, contact us for assistance. Learn more...

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Composite Plastics

Kodiak Group was involved in developing the first ever production class equipment for continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite systems. Contact us to discuss your next composite plastics project. Learn more...

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Kodiak Group has experience in all aspects of foundry manufacturing. From processing scrap and sand delivery through melt and molding to dust collection and packaging. Let our experts help you design a new piece of equipment, revise your process, or design and build you a new facility. Learn more...

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Wood Products

Kodiak Group has decades of experience helping our customers in OSB, particle board, and lumber mills. Whether your need is in drying, screening, resin addition, pressing, sawing, or packaging, we have solutions for storage, material conveying, dust and waste handling, and equipment support and access. Learn more...

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Kodiak Group provides solutions. Whatever your industry, if you have a problem, we would like to talk to you about solving it. Learn more...

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Kodiak Group has designed equipment for auto shredder residue and construction debris recycling lines. We offer design integration of specialized process equipment and design and supply of interconnecting material handling systems, structures, bins, hoppers for a total system approach. Learn more...