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Kodiak Crushers are used in foundries and recycling facilities to crush engines, transmissions, sprue and scrap castings in grey and ductile iron, aluminum and brass.

Crushed sprue and scrap castings are more dense and are easier to convey and handle. Crushed material melts faster improving melt rates. Charging methods are greatly improved with crushed material preventing tangling, jams, and downtime. Crushed engines and transmissions can be conveyed for manual or automatic separation of materials providing the most efficient system possible and eliminating manual disassembly. Other Crusher designs rely on providing a preset shimmed dropout opening which lets crushed material fall through. However, these manual discharge openings must be set large enough to clear the largest non-crushed item, such as a solid casting. With a preset large opening, some material can pass through without being reduced in size. Kodiak's patented Crusher design features fast electronic adjustment that can be adjusted in cycle as product requirements change.

The Crusher That Chews has the ability to close the dropout opening and chew the material at over a million pounds of crushing force. This ability to hold the material while crushing allows more flexibility in sizing your product. The Crusher can be used for both batch feeding and continuous operation applications.

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