About Us / Partners

We partner with the following companies, among others, to bring our clients the best possible computer solutions:

  • LENOVO: Lenovo is one of the fastest-growing PC manufacturers in the world. They produce the Thinkpad, Thinkcentre, Thinkstation, and Thinkserver business computer lines made famous by IBM for their dependability and clean business aesthetics. In contrast to many other tech manufacturers, Lenovo's support call center is located in the United States.

  • DELL: Dell is a household name in computers and many of our customers have come to trust them when it comes to their equipment. Whether it's a home PC or a business-class server, Dell delivers a quality product.

  • MICROSOFT PARTNER: Kodiak Group is a registered Microsoft partner and we specialize in delivering and configuring their products, from Windows to Office to Server. Many businesses rely on Microsoft products on a daily basis and we are able to configure, sell, and recommend these products for our customers.

  • MICROSOFT CLOUD PARTNER: Kodiak Group is also a Microsoft Cloud Partner and as such, we are able to help our customers navigate Microsoft's cloud offerings, such as Office 365, and determine which plans fit their needs.

  • CISCO: Cisco is one of the best-known names in networking and we partner with them to provide their world-class networking equipment to our customers.

  • IDRIVE: iDrive is a cloud backup service which is priced competitively and has proven very reliable. If you would like to sign up for iDrive, click here to follow our referral link.

  • CYBERPOWER: CyberPower produces the most popular and affordable line of dependable, high-quality UPS systems on the market today. Its feature-rich, intelligent products continue to set the standard for power protection design and innovation in the UPS market.

  • FARONICS: Faronics makes the popular Deep Freeze software that is used in many educational and public use situations.

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