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Some of the biggest threats facing small businesses and municipalities today are threats to their data, such as viruses, malware, sabotage, and human error. Kodiak Group has faced these threats both internally and many times on behalf of our customers, and as result we have developed a program for internal use to safeguard our own data. We would be happy to make this training available to you and your employees to teach you what threats are out there today, how to identify and avoid potential threat vectors, and how to limit your risk exposure.

IBM recently published a report that indicates 95% of information technology security breaches can be attributed to human error. The best way to prevent such a breach is to educate your workforce so that they can avoid committing the kind of error that could expose or endanger one of your most precious resources...your data.

Contact us today to get pricing and schedule your Security Training! Training is approximately 1 hour long, and lunch is provided.