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Kodiak Group's Managed Services is our premium IT service offering. We work closely with our Managed Services customers in taking care of every aspect of their IT environment, providing the same service they could expect from an in-house IT department, but at a fraction of the cost.

Our Managed Services contracts are custom-built to deliver exactly the services required for each customer. Once you sign up for Kodiak Group's Managed Services, we become your IT partner and we take care of everything IT-related so you and your staff can focus on running your business.

Kodiak Group's Managed Services include the following features:

  • WORKSTATION AND SERVER MONITORING SOFTWARE: Allows Kodiak Group to proactively monitor customer systems for errors, abnormal behavior, and other indicators that somthing is beginning to go wrong. Using this information, our technicians will attempt to stop these problems at their inception, before they cost our customers productivity.

  • REGULAR REPORTS ON SYSTEM HEALTH: Managed Services customers will receive regular reports detailing the health of their systems, providing them with peace of mind when things are going well, and insight into problems when they are not.

  • SECURITY SOFTWARE: To keep your systems running smoothly and your employees productive, Managed Services includes centrally managed Antivirus and Web Filtering. Additionally, Patch Management software will monitor your devices for missing security patches and install them for you.

  • POLICY CONTROLS: View reports showing how your employees are using their computers and monitor or control which sites they are able to visit and when.

  • PERFORMANCE STATISTICS: As part of the relationship between Kodiak Group and our Managed Services customers, we will regularly review our performance with our customers. This allows both parties to see what value is being delivered and ensures service expectations are being met.

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